Shine Week
A Week Of Free Events, Service, And Outreach To The St. Croix Valley
AUGUST 5 - 11, 2019
All Events During Shine Week are FREE! RSVP Below.
August 5 - Father / Son Canoe Trip
Fathers and Sons (biological or not) can join us at Riverwood Canoe in Osceola at 5:30 PM (Arrive by 5:15) for some male bonding time on the St. Croix River. 

We'll also be helping the Village of Osceola and St. Croix Falls with various projects and cleaning to upkeep our neighborhoods!
August 6 - Residential Lawn Mowing
We'd love to serve you by mowing and caring for your lawn! Perfect for those who have a hard time mowing, or just need a break. 
August 7 - House, Car, And Dog Washing
Whether you have a house, a car, or a pup that needs cleaning, we've got you covered!

CAR WASH | Meet at Denny's Auto from 4-6 PM 
DOG WASH | Meet at Osceola Community Church from 4-6 PM
August 8 - Mother/Daughter Canoe Trip
Mothers and Daughters (biological or not) can join us at Riverwood Canoe in Osceola at 5:30 PM (Arrive by 5:15) for a women's trip down the St. Croix River. 

Additionally - we'll be visiting various retirement homes to visit and encourage our elderly friends and neighbors.
August 9  - Babysitting for Parent's Night Out
Parents can go enjoy a night out without the kids - just drop them off at Osceola Community Church from 5 - 10 PM for free babysitting!
August 10  - Carnvival!
Come to Osceola Community Church from 1 - 4 PM for a free Carnival! Games, food, bouncy houses and much more!
No RSVP Required
August 11  - Worship & Pig Roast At Millpond!
Join us for church service and a free Pig Roast meal at Millpond park at 10 AM.
No RSVP Required
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SHINE 2019 - A Week of Service to the St. Croix Valley
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